p> The JCB Card Duo is a product of PayCenter GmbH, the first German e-money institute with its own bank code. PayCenter has a variety of products in its portfolio such as the JCB Card Duo, which is offered with an online account. Read our review here.

JCB Card Duo The decisive benefits and benefits from our review:


  • Open account with Online Banking access in 1 minute
  • German account number is IMMEDIATELY available for use
  • With debit card and credit card
  • No SCHUFA exam
  • Withdraw cash at the machine
  • Free money at REWE
  • Credit card and debit card in one
  • Information and application: www.cardduo.eu

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Test & Experiences

 The JCB CardDuo is a Prepaid MasterCard that is tailored to the needs of modern payment transactions, as it fulfills both the functions of a credit card and a debit card. The credit-based card can be charged at any time with a desired amount. With the credit principle, the account holder always has optimal control over his costs and thus enjoys a secure financial protection. Due to the credit balance, the JCB girocard is very well received by traders.


The holder of the JCB Card Duo, like any other debit card in Germany, can withdraw cash at almost all ATMs in Germany. When traveling to other European countries, the cardholder can withdraw money or pay bills. In the event that the girocard is not accepted when paying, the JCB CardDuo can be used on the international JCB network and allow acceptance of the card.

JCB Card Duo and Online Account

 JCB Card Duo and Online Account

The customer of PayCenter receives an online account in addition to the JCB Card Duo. Since the account has a German account number, all usual transactions for receiving and transferring can be carried out. These include the setting up of standing orders or the execution of direct debits and SEPA transfers. This covers all online account functions that are common in modern payment transactions. With the access data for online banking, the customer also has access to other convenient applications such as the banking app.

The online account can be opened by any private consumer and business. Upon request, no credit check or SCHUFA registration is required. This option is also available to traders with a German HR entry. Small business owners and freelancers use their business account to handle both their private and business transactions through the account. With the expense account including the prepaid MasterCard, PayCenter also offers business customers convenient travel and expense management. This service is particularly well suited for companies whose employees work in the field.

P account


The customer has the opportunity to set up a P account when opening the account. The seizure protection account thus guarantees a secure basic exemption amount and protection against card blocking in the event of a seizure. This service also includes the possibility of a tax deduction increase and a detailed seizure overview. The P-account can be opened by both private and business customers.