The PTZ + is a redesign of the old zero rate loan.
It is a 0% property loan granted under conditions of resources and which does not exceed a pre-established ceiling, depending on the nature of the property and its location.

This is a device in place since 2011 that helps to finance:

  • The acquisition of a new home for its first occupation
  • The purchase of an old dwelling whose amount of work represents 25% of the total cost of the operation
  • The construction of a dwelling, accompanied, where appropriate, by the acquisition of the right to build or the land intended for the construction of this dwelling
  • The development of use of housing, premises not intended for habitation. This operation is assimilated to the construction of a dwelling.
  • The acquisition of social housing under certain conditions

Who can benefit from the zero-plus loan?

Who can benefit from the zero-plus loan?

PTZ + is open to individuals.

To qualify for the PTZ Plus, the future occupants of the housing must be “first-time buyers” , that is, they must not have owned their principal residence in the two years preceding the loan offer. whether they bought it, inherited it or benefited from a donation.

The future occupants of the house may however own one or more second homes (rental investments or shares in a SCPI)

Some exceptions:

Dedicated to first-time buyers, the PTZ + allows certain exceptions mentioned in Article L. 31-10-3 of the Construction and Housing Code. It is not necessary to be a first-time buyer to get a PTZ Plus if you are:

  • Holder of a 2nd or 3rd category disability card (according to social security criteria),
  • Beneficiary of an education allowance for handicapped children (financial assistance paid to any person who takes charge of a handicapped child and whose permanent disability is at least equal to a fixed rate),
  • Beneficiary of an Allowance for disabled adults,
  • Victim of a disaster that has made your main home permanently uninhabitable.

What are the criteria for obtaining?

What are the criteria for obtaining?

Obtaining PTZ + is subject to several criteria:

  • Characteristics of the property: new housing, old housing whose works represent 25% of the total cost of the operation, housing HLM,
  • The location of the property (Zone A, B1, B2, C)
  • The income level of the borrower and the size of the requesting family
  • The cost of acquisition and the contribution person

What are the resource limits for borrowers?


To qualify for the Zero Plus Loan, the borrower must ensure that his level of resources does not exceed the limits set by law.
The ceiling of income not to be exceeded is fixed according to the composition of the borrowing household and the geographical location of the housing to be financed.

To know

The reference year to be taken into account is the penultimate year preceding the offer (year n-2).

The figures here are those in effect as of 1 January 2019:

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How is the amount of the determined?

loan amount

The amount of the PTZ + is determined based on a percentage applied to the total cost of the transaction (construction/purchase cost + negotiation fees):

  • 40% of the cost of the operation for new and old housing , whatever the zone
  • 10% of the cost of the operation for social housing

Notary fees are not included in the PTZ +.

However, the percentage is applied within a ceiling , depending on the composition of the household and the area where the dwelling is located. Here is the list of ceilings in effect:

What are the repayment terms?

The repayment periods range from 25 years (for the most modest) to 20 years (for the wealthiest) with 3 different repayment profiles (against 5 previously).

The repayment profile is based on the income, the number of people in the household, the location of the dwelling and its nature.

In some cases, repayment terms can be reviewed:

  • When the repayment term of a PTZ Plus is less than or equal to 8 years, the borrower can choose to reduce the amount of his loan (up to a limit of 50%).
  • If the subscription of a PTZ + involves a refund covering two periods, the first of them can be reduced at the request of the borrower (within the limit of 4 years minimum).

To know

All profiles benefit from a total deferral period, with profile 1 benefiting from the longest deferral period (15 years).

What are the advantages?

  • the PTZ + is guaranteed without interest, without expenses of file and without expenses of expertise.
  • The PTZ is a simple loan to put in place.
  • It is thus possible to obtain larger amounts in the most “tense” areas and where the dwellings are the most expensive.

To know

PTZ + can not be granted alone. It is a complementary loan that must be associated with a principal mortgage.

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